I love being Kalens mommy. I love the diapers, and the smiles, and the laughs, and the playtimes, and the walks, and just everything. I’m over tired, and mentally and physically exhausted but nothing makes me happier than hearing him laugh.

He’s so ticklish and so smart and I want to keep him…

Mom-hood is awesome. It gives you so many different feelings. Good and bad.

And friends? What are those? If the neighbor across the street didn’t have kids EK’s age, we would never see friends.


Laurel will be 6 weeks old Wednesday.(what the hell).

EK is talking in her sleep as I type this.

Both girls are doing great. We are all just pushing through this last bit of the school year and gearing up for summer.

Beach soon! Graduation for me sooner!! And EK’s birthday at the end of May. (Holy shit.)

EK adores Laurel. She tries to change her diapers, helps soothe her when she cries, and loves holding her.

Laurel sleeps almost all night. Wakes once. She also is 10lbs now. Huge kiddo. Lmao.

I am getting into the swing of two and having a blast. :)

Not much to report on, but I am super tired.